Bye Bye Marshmallows!

We’re home from our annual 4th of July camping week refreshed and full of energy.  Okay, really my kids are full of energy and I’m just trying to avoid cleaning up all the gear from 5 days of camping with 4 people…AHHH!  So on this trip, i developed a new love…Jiffy Pop!  No seriously, I love the stuff.  Let me explain:  Whenever we go camping, as soon as dinner’s over, Mason starts begging us to build a fire so that he can roast marshmallows.  We try and put him off as long as possible, but always end up caving in, ‘cuz we’re camping afterall.  Well here’s the problem – massive amounts of sugar right before bed is never a great idea.  I mean, it’s hard enough to get little kids to go to sleep in a tent because even if they’re dead to the world tired, putting them in a tent where they have their own sleeping bag to sleep in instantly gets them jumping around and giggling.  Add to that a few handfuls of marshmallows (how do they always manage to sneak so many?) and you can have quite the frustrating night.  Okay, I’ll stop rambling!

.                                                          .Jiffy Time

On this trip, we decided to pick up some Jiffy Pop and it was an instant success.  The kids were fascinated watching us cook it, and amazed when we opened it up that there really was popcorn inside!  Although I know that it won’t replace marshmallows altogether, it felt wonderful to give them such a fun ‘treat’ after dinner without pumping them full of sugar!  WAHOO!!

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