Bring it, Mother Nature!

Here in the Denver area, we’ve been getting pounded by Mother Nature the last few weeks.  We’ve been getting incredible thunderstorms every afternoon and evening.  These storms are as big as the rainstorms we saw in Costa Rica where it felt like the clouds just emptied themselves on us.  A few times, it’s been warm rain and not too hard.  Those are the ones where we don our swimming suits and go crazy. Laying down in the gutter is now Chloe’s new prefered spot for a rainstorm, where warm or cold, she will pretend to take a bath.

However, there have been several of these little storms that are not so kid friendly.  Like the storm last Thurday that produced the rain in the picture here (Caitlin Gibbons, The Denver Post).  Or the storm last night where it poured like crazy for 3 hours and we literally had lightning every 2 seconds for over 30 minutes.  We’re just glad the kiddos were asleep for that one.  This afternoon we were surprised by a good hailstorm.  Even though the kids were mad that I wouldn’t let them play in it, each of them quickly grabbed a bowl and collected hail to “snack on” while we watched the storm.  Our street is constantly turning into a river and Mason is now an expert at pointing out where all the rapids are (I guess all these river trips are paying off).  Although thunderstorms can really be scary for kids, we’ve decided to just embrace them and keep it all fun…so far, so good!

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