Bad Snow Year? Don’t Dismay!

Here in Colorado, the snow conditions have been dismal.  I mean, it’s January, and our favorite resort only has 17% of their terrain open and a skiable black diamond is nowhere in sight.

Luckily, seasons like this are GREAT for one thing…Skiing with your kids.  Honestly, this is an amazing time to get out and work on some skills with your kids.  The snow is decent (at least where it’s covered), the weather has been surprisingly warm (awesome for little ones), and the crowds are small since everyone else is just waiting for a big dump!

Usually at the beginning of the season, we’re dying to have Grandma and Grandpa babysit for a day so we can go find a few hidden powder stashes from those early season storms.  However, this year, nothing “exciting” to us is open so we’ve just been skiing as a family and have been amazed by the difference in our kids abilities.

So even though you’re not going to be getting face shots any time soon, they payoff for the rest of the season is invaluable.  Imagine being able to take your kids on some of your favorite runs instead of being trapped on green groomers all day long.  With a little time right now, that will easily pay off when the snow really starts to fly (which we’re confident it will…someday) and you can all ski together.

Here’s what our kids have learned so far this season.

Chloe now thinks skiing is the greatest thing ever.  She’s constantly yelling “WEE” as we ski.  She still needs lots of help and wants to hold our hands, but will stay out and ski for 4-5 hours a day with the rest of us.  She’s already able to stop on a gentle slope which we’re thrilled about (stopping is our goal for our kids when they’re 2 and linking turns is our goal when they’re 3).

Mason has really taken off this season.  It’s like he didn’t forget anything over the summer and is now doing amazingly well.  He’s learned to control his speed so well and can confidently ski most of  the open runs on the mountain.  Every time we take him out, we become more amazed at how much he progresses.  We were hoping to get him comfortable on blue runs by the end of the season and he’s already there.  We’re excited to see how much he progresses this winter!



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  • Tristen says:

    I wish I were a better skiier, and that we lived in a colder climate! Ken keeps talking about going back to do his Masters in Petroleum Engineering or anything, really, that gets us back to Colorado. Season passes for all of us, for sure!!

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