Backpacking Chef – great food far from home

Oh my goodness.  Do you ever come across a site so good that you need to tell everyone about it?  As Andrew and I were doing some research for our backpacking trip this weekend, we decided we wanted to expand our food options.  As we searched online, we luckily came across .  This site is amazing.  There are TONS of menu options for each meal of the day (including the ever so important dessert) and they walk you through how to make it all.  My favorite part about it is that you do ALL of it yourself.  They tech you how to dehydrate meat, pasta sauce, even pumpkin pie.  Seriously, these guys have got it down.  So, if you’re heading backpacking, be sure to check them out.  Not only will you save some serious money by not buying pre-packaged trail food, but it will taste SO GOOD (at least that’s our hope).  No, we’re not being paid to say this, we’re just so pumped to find this site.

Oh and yes, we are crazy enough to try and squeeze in one more backpacking trip this year.  Hopefully, it goes a little smoother than last time.  Since it’s already pretty cold here, we’re heading to Coyote Gulch in Southern Utah.  It’s gonna be awesome.  Check back next week for our updates!  Thanks for reading!

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