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That’s really what we’re all about!  

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We’re a family of 7 who is constantly on the lookout for adventure and excitement.  With five kids, ages 10, 7, 5, 3, and a baby, we’re constantly on the go.  Completely incapable of going with the flow and waiting for our kids to grow up to adventure together, we bring the kids with us.

We left our Colorado USA home in 2014 and became expats living in the Middle East, for a change of pace and a family focus.  Living right on the Red Sea, we’re thrilled to experience a new culture, environment, and especially to live in an area where international travel is incredibly accessible.

We’re constantly proving that adventures and kids are an amazing combination, each and every time we get out.  Whether that be traveling to an exotic island, rafting down a beautiful river, trekking among towering mountains, or skiing through alpine valleys, we’re on a quest to experience some of the best adventures the world has to offer, and share them with our kids (and you of course!).  Obviously, we have a hard time holding still!

We’re here to give you great adventure advice, practical traveling tips, destination recommendations, gear reviews, and everything in between.  If it involves, adventure, travel, or kids, it’s right were we want to be!