A gear surprise from MEN who understand MOMS (+ an awesome discount)

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You know how sometimes you can talk to someone and just know that they get you?  There’s an instant understanding that you’re on the same page.  you’ve had similar experiences, situations, and goals, and it’s amazing.

Sometimes those people can come in the most unexpected circumstances.


Imagine my surprise when I met 2 men from Geigerrig who totally fit the bill here!  Andrew and I were visiting family, and knowing that the Geigerrig headquarters were super close, we stopped in to see what they were all about.

There I met Matt and Bob who showed us the ropes and started telling us about a new backpack for Moms that they were working on.  Uh huh, yadda, yadda, yadda.

After a while we all decided to grab a bite to eat.  Over burgers and fries, they started telling me about their families (9 kids between the 2 of them).  They were adventurers just like us who faced the same struggles and triumphs that we’re constantly faced with.  Their kids were crazy, fun, and brave just like ours.  They refused to stop adventuring just because they had kids.  Even cooler was that their wives were totally on board.  They GOT it.  The excitement, fear, and craziness that accompany getting your whole brood of kids outside – all of it!

As the fries started to dwindle, my admiration for them grew (and I’m not just being silly, Andrew thought the same thing).  They are successful fathers, husbands, and adventurers out to make a difference.  After being successful in jumping into the outdoor industry, they were taking a leap to help MOMS.  They were on a mission to make adventure as easy as possible for mom, and came out with this:


The Geigerrig Rig Mom!  As we’ve tried out this pack over the last few months, I’ve been pretty impressed with it.  I’m sure that in the design process, these men, who understood my need for adventure, got some great advice from their even smarter wives!  This was made with me in mind.


Here’s what I love about it:

Tons of pockets (forget just having one ginormous pouch where everything gets lost).

It’s big (1600 cubic inches).

It’s cute, even though my husband still won’t wear it.

It’s got a Geigerrig 2L hydration system integrated into it.  Yes, perfect for cleaning dirty hands, faces, butts, whatever!

Insulated side pockets

Hidden drink tube and pressurizing bulb in the straps

It’s a backpack so there’s no need to have a different diaper bag for shopping and then one for an impromptu hike (unless you want to).


What I didn’t love:

Zipping the pack up at the very top is tricky and takes two hands.  It’s almost like the fabric is too tight and you have to pull the pack together to make it zip.  It’s kind of a pain, but not a deal breaker.

Thanks Geigerrig for working hard to make products that work for MOMS (a welcome sight in the outdoor world).


Now the price tag for this pack is pretty steep, so grab it while you can at a 45% discount for Bring The Kids Readers.  Click here to order and enter RIGMOMINTRO at checkout to activate discount.



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