5 Tips for keeping your kids boredom free, while maintaining your SANITY!!

For us there are only 37 more days of school left this year. That’s followed by 100 days of summer vacation. 100 days of “I’m BORED” which translates to “Mom, I’ve turned my brain off, so I’ll dump all the toys into the floor, hit my siblings relentlessly, and do every possible thing I can think of to make your blood boil.”

Are you scared yet?

In case you haven’t noticed, summer vacation is really anything but that for a Mom. It’s 24/7 Mom-duty with no breaks for school, field trips, or after school clubs, where your kids want YOU to do the entertaining. Sadly, you can only stand on your head and juggle flaming torches (all while making dinner) for a few minutes before someone’s going to lose an eye.

So, how do you keep your kids boredom-free this summer without all the shenanigans? Check out my guest post over at How Does She to find out!  Go HERE.  Trust me – your sanity will thank you!



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